Rainwater Harvesting with water butts and The Rainwater Hub

Complete water self-sufficiency in your garden

As featured on BBC Radio 2's innovation slot.

Water where you need it

Water Butts no longer need to be located next to the downpipe but can be located anywhere in the garden (up to 150 feet away from the house) at the most convenient locations for watering.

Simply connect a standard garden hose between the Rainwater Hub and your water butts and let gravity do the rest.

Water butts where you need them
Easy Rainwater Harvesting

Easy Rainwater Harvesting

You will not need a site survey or an expert to install pumps or bury tanks in your garden. This is a DIY installation that can be done in only a fraction of the time and at only a fraction of the cost of conventional rainwater harvesting systems.

The Rainwater Hub allows you to build a modular rainwater collection system. You can start off with just a small number of water butts and then add water storage capacity as the needs of the garden change and as budget allows.

Free up patio space

The Rainwater Hub allows you to store your water almost anywhere in the garden. You no longer need to crowd the patio area next to a downpipe with numerous water butts but can position them in more discreet locations around the garden. Not only will this allow the water to be stored where it is most needed, next to your plants, but also frees up the area next to the house for more attractive garden features.

The Rainwater Hub is also perfect for installing on a downpipe next to a path which would otherwise be obstructed by the use of a conventionally installed water butt and rainwater diverter.

Move water butts away from the patio
Beat droughts and hosepipe bans

Beat droughts and hosepipe bans

With 40,000 litres of water falling on the roof of an average UK house each year, the Rainwater Hub allows this water to be collected and stored where it will be most needed during the summer months.

With a collection of well positioned water butts, you will be able to store enough rainwater to see you through even the driest of summer seasons, knowing that almost every drop of rainwater falling on the roof of your property can be effortlessly channelled to your water butts or other storage tanks.

Typically 100% efficient

Almost every drop of rainwater falling on the roof of the house will be channelled cleanly and silently to your water butts, wherever they are in the garden. The more it rains, the more pressure there is in the Rainwater Hub and the faster the water will be distributed.

Under extreme rainfall conditions when it may be collecting water faster than it can distribute it, any excess is safely channelled back down the downpipe into the drainage system.

Costs nothing to operate

The Rainwater Hub relies purely on gravity to channel water to the waiting water butts.

It has no pumps, no moving parts, has zero operating carbon foot print and is virtually maintenance free.